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Pomares Law Group PLLC, Workers Compensation, Disability, Law, Long Island, NYAt Pomares Law Group, we specialize in Worker’s Compensation and Disability Law. Our Mission is simple: To be attentive to our clients. That means providing timely, caring and professional services. We’ll handle the stress of fighting an insurance company or the government for your benefits. We deal with them, while you concentrate on your health

We are small, which means you get individual attention. Our staff is carefully interviewed and selected. Anytime you call, you will be greeted with a warm and caring voice. Anytime you visit, you will be met with respect and professionalism.

And when we say fight, we really do mean it. We will not allow any insurance company or even the government to intimidate you. We’re all too aware of their tactics and know how to advocate on your behalf.

image007, Pomares Law Group, Workers Compensation, Disability, Law, Long Island, NYWe stay on top of your case and provide you with answers quickly. You need to know the status of your case so you can work with us to ensure the best outcome. That’s right, you work with us. It is only wise to involve you in every necessary step of the process that will decide your future. Don’t worry, we hold your hand through the process and advise you on the law’s intricacies. It can be difficult and confusing—or it may seem like it does not make any sense at all sometimes—but we sit with you until you understand your case fully. How many law firms can honestly say they do that?


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