General Questions

Why should I talk to an attorney?

The Pomares Law Group has a combined experience of 27 plus years resolving cases involving personal injury, Workers’ Compensation, disability law, and no fault collections. While you may believe it is easier to personally talk with the insurance company to resolve your case, it is not. The insurance company is not your friend. Most people in this situation do not know all of the law, but insurance companies do. They will take advantage of your situation. Work with one of our experienced attorneys who knows the law and will obtain the settlement that you deserve.

How is the Pomares Law Group different?

The Pomares Law Group fights for each case. We are a family-owned small law firm and we treat our clients like part of the family. The attorneys who handle your case are the ones that will personally investigate, gather evidence, and work on your case. We also personally return your phone calls within 24 hours. We prefer to be 'hands-on' with your case and with you. We proactively contact you to keep you informed and answer your questions.

How long will it take?

Once you contact us online or call our office, we will be in touch within 24 hours. When you hire us as your attorneys, the process begins. We can talk more with you one-on-one to discuss how the process works. Contact us now!

What is the process like?

Case Evaluation: Contact us to start the process. We will review your case and discuss options with you. When you decide to hire the Pomares Law Group, we begin working towards getting you back to your life and work.

Build Your Case: We offer guidance, investigation and build evidence as we work towards building your case. We work with you to collect medical records, insurance policy information, medical bills, and other documentation needed that is important to your case. With our combined experience of 27 plus years, we build your case to get ready for presentation.

Investigation and Presentation: We continue to gather evidence important to your case to build a strong argument. We make the insurance company aware that we represent you and present your case. We work in negotiating and fighting for a fair settlement.

Should I try to handle my case on my own?

We don’t recommend it. Our attorneys have over 27 plus years of experience handling cases day in and day out. We have experience dealing with insurance companies and know the games that they play. They will try to take advantage of you because you may not know all of the laws in New York. You can get a fair settlement when you work with our team at Pomares Law Group.

Get started by calling the Pomares Law Group, PLLC at 516.505.0044 or by emailing us at info@pomareslawgroup.com.