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No-Fault Collections Attorney on Long Island NY

Medical doctors, physical therapists and neurologists are often called upon to help treat and mitigate injuries a victim sustains in a car, truck or motorcycle accident. Given that most of these injuries require a claim to be filed through the no-fault insurance system in New York, this can be problematic. The same thing can be said for claims filed through the Workers' Compensation system.

Your patient needs ongoing care, you continue to provide such care and you are having your billing disputed by the insurer. This process is time-consuming and takes away from the time that your staff members have to spend with patients. This may be when you find it necessary to reach out and seek assistance from a no-fault debt collection attorney on Long Island.

Working with a No-Fault Debt Collection Attorney on Long Island

You have expenses to pay, and you have delivered treatment to patients for which you are entitled to be reimbursed. Unfortunately, insurance companies can continue to deny claims, especially if an IME has indicated that your patients’ injuries have resolved. Your best judgment as a physician dictates the level of care that your patient needs, not a third-party doctor who may have only seen them one or two times. As a provider of medical treatment, you decide what treatment is appropriate for your patient. The insurer is responsible for the bills which are accumulating. At Pomares Law Group, we help you pursue full reimbursement for the services that you have rendered to your patients.

Our goal will always be to make sure that you get the funds that you are entitled to for the care you have provided your patient. Remember, insurance companies often believe that if they deny your billing, you will lack the resources and time to pursue the funds that you are entitled to. Unfortunately, too often, they are correct in this assessment.

Regardless of what field of medicine you practice, if you are facing issues collecting billing under no-fault insurance coverage, you can contact Pomares Law Group at 516.505.0044 or email us at to speak with an attorney.

We are committed to obtaining the funds that you deserve for the medical treatment that you provide.

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