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Disability Law

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Disability Law Attorney on Long Island NY

Being unable to work because of a medical disability is a challenge. Should you suffer a condition which impairs your ability to work for 6 months or more, you have the right to file a Social Security Disability Claim. Unfortunately too often those who are eligible attempt to file these claims independently only to get a notification that their claim was denied.

Proper preparation of your Social Security Disability Claim can help the process go more smoothly. A properly prepared application and presentation of the medical evidence required are extremely critical. Simple mistakes can be a problem, so Pomares Law Group knows the assistance that they provide to their clients is invaluable.

As disability law attorneys on Long Island, we have seen clients who have had to go through countless hours of gathering documents and resubmitting applications because their initial application lacked the proper documents needed to substantiate their initial claim. We can make sure that this does not happen to you.

At Pomares Law Group, we know that the key to a successful Social Security Disability Claim is often the customization and tailoring of an application that is specific to the needs of the individual. That is what we do — we know how to deal with these applications and help ensure that they are successful upon the first submission.

While the Social Security Administration maintains a list of specific conditions covered under the disability law, many of these grid rules contain underlying language that is vague. This is why our staff makes sure that we understand your specific condition, and know your complete background, including your education and job history. We then determine the best options to help make sure that your initial claim has the best possible chance of being approved.

When we are uncertain about a medical condition, we take the time necessary to learn about your disability and the long-term consequences. Typically, this means that we will spend time in our library and research your specific condition so that we thoroughly understand and can communicate the difficulties that you are facing.

We know facing a disability is challenging. We also know the lack of income is a strain on your family, which puts additional stress upon you while fighting an illness or other disability. When you turn your disability claim over to the disability law attorneys on Long Island at Pomares Law Group, you can rest assured that we will handle your claim thoroughly and professionally.

Social Security Disability applications are confusing and often are initially rejected. When you begin the process of filing a claim with a disability law attorney on Long Island at Pomares Law Group, there is a better chance that you will not be facing multiple rejections, delays, or denials. If you are filing for disability, contact the disability law attorneys on Long Island at Pomares Law Group today by calling 516.505.0044 or sending us an email at info@pomareslawgroup.com. Let us help you get the disability process underway with as few delays as possible.

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