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Workers' Compensation

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Injured Workers Compensation Attorney Long Island

Suffering an on-the-job injury is always a concern: not only are you hurt, but you lose your ability to care for your family which adds additional stress during an already stressful time. When you are injured on the job, some of the questions that you may be dealing with include:

  • Who do I report the accident to?
  • What rights do I have?
  • Will I be able to collect pay while I am not working?
  • Am I entitled to my full pay while not working?
  • How do I get medical care for my injury?
  • Who is going to pay for the time that I am out of work?
  • What information must I provide to the insurance company?
  • Why is my employer telling me which doctor I have to see?

Unfortunately, each of the answers to these questions may lead to more questions. Fortunately, Pomares Law Group, Workers' Compensation attorneys on Long Island, can help clear up some of the confusion and make sure that you get the answers that you are looking for.

At Pomares Law Group, we represent our clients at New York State Worker's Compensation Board hearings across the state of New York. We also help those who live outside of the metropolitan area find an attorney with the experience necessary to help them with their claims.

Victims of workplace injuries often believe that their only obligation is to file an accident report with their employer and that their employer does the rest. At this stage, it is only the beginning, as you may find that once your employer files the report and you put in your claim, the insurance company may deny it.

When an Injury Occurs at Work

Workers’ Compensation Attorney Long Island NY

You may think that going to your physician following an accident at work is acceptable. You may be surprised to learn that per New York statutes, except in emergencies, the doctor that you see for your injury must be one of the physicians who the Workers' Compensation Board authorizes. If your doctor is one of these approved providers, you may see them, but you cannot use your standard health care coverage — all of the bills for your care for a workplace injury must be billed through your employer's Workers' Compensation insurance policy

At Pomares Law Group, Workers' Compensation attorneys on Long Island, we know that this is a stressful time for you and your family. We can help make sure that you can protect yourself and your family while ensuring that you can continue providing for them while recovering from an injury. Suppose you are unable to return to work. In that case, we also have experience dealing with situations where you may be able to access lifetime medical care by filing a claim through the Workers' Compensation Board.

Victims of a workplace injury need an advocate by their side. If you are injured on the job, contact a Workers' Compensation attorney on Long Island from Pomares Law Group at 877.421.COMP or email us at and let us help you get the benefits that you are entitled to for your injuries. We are here to protect workers and make sure that they can continue to support their families financially.

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